Vendor Information 

You have the ultimate vendor team already in place for you so now you get to start the planning journey from the fun part - personalizing!

On this list you will find our preferred vendors contact information, websites, and social media accounts.  Please make sure to read your contract for the specific vendors that you have decided to keep as a part of your package.

Each of your vendors that are listed on your contract, they have been contacted and will have your date saved with your package information.

You will be reaching out to the vendors to start personalizing your day.
(ie ceremony wording, specific photos, flower arrangements, ect)

When should you be contacting your vendors:

12-8 months out - Hair/Makeup (not a part of the package, suggested)
5-6 months out-     Cake / Other Dessert orders
                                 Photography only if upgrading to video/drone/live stream
                                 Music only if upgrading to Live Reception Music Package
3-4 months out-     Photography to review shot list ideas 
2-3 months out -    Florist to share personal style/ideas
2-1 month out -      Officiant to personalize ceremony
                                 Photography to finalize shot list
1 month out -         Wedding Planner to share vendor detail
                                 Music to share your music choices
                                 (wedding planner will assist coordinating music)
                                 Florist to update on table counts, if applicable  

You will also find other vendors on this list that are not included in our package, but may be helpful to contact for your day such as hair/makeup, transportation, ect.

How Can I Get Started? 
Your wedding package is created to offer everything you need to make it an amazing day.  Your vendors also have awesome ideas on how to truly personalize your day to make it truly your own.  Check out the lists below for upgrade ideas, costs, and get a head start on your homework before you reach out.

Vendor Tipping: Tips for your contracted vendors are not included in the package pricing. This includes officiant, photo, music, wedding planner, flowers. If you feel you have received exceptional service/product, here is a great guide to help: How to Tip Your Wedding Vendor Dream Team Tipping is never mandatory but is always appreciated.