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Hotel Room Block


We are so excited to be host to your family and friends for this amazing day!

How Do I Find My Online Booking Link?

If your date is less than a year out, you have received a link from Kristy Harvey ( in your initial welcome email
(Subject: You Said YES to the Venue) for your specific room block. 

If your date is more than a year out, you will receive your online booking link from Linda Wojak ( a little less than a year from your date.

You can send this link out to all your family and friends to book their discounted reservation online 24/7. 

We highly suggest not to share the exact rate with your family/friends. 
Instead let them know that a discount is available through the online booking link

How Many Rooms Does My Group Block Have? 
Your initial room block is for 10 standard guest rooms/no view for
1 King Bed or 2 Queen Beds. 

What Date Does the Discounted Room Block Cover?
The dates your room block is available is noted in your contract, and listed at the very top of your online booking page.  

What If My Guests Want To Stay Longer?
We are happy to extend the discount for guests looking to come in earlier or stay later.  We ask they make a reservation in the room block, then contact Linda Wojak at 305-780-7342 to extend.  This information is also listed at the top of your booking page.

How Do I Get More Rooms in My Block?
Once your initial room block is filled, we will contact you to share updates regarding adding more rooms

It cannot be guaranteed the hotel will still have availability or the same group discount will be available once your initial room block is filled.

How Can I See Who Booked in My Block?
If you would like to see a list of guest who have booked in your block at any time, please contact Linda Wojak

Honeymoon Suite Information
If you blocked your Honeymoon Suite with us, per your contract, we have already made that reservation for you.  If you need to change dates, please contact Linda to check availability and help make that change.

Honeymoon Suite Note: The guest room cost/pricing is NOT included in any of the wedding event details.  This suite will be checked in and paid for just like a normal reservation - at check in you will be asked for a form of payment.  That card will be authorized for the guest room rate and tax per night total, and charged when you check out. 

What Does The Honeymoon Suite Look Like?
Check out a 3D tour here

Is the Honeymoon Suite Big Enough To Have Hair/Make Up Done In?
Yes! It's perfect for hair/makeup professionals to do their best work.
Hair/Makeup services are NOT included, so it is your responsibility to book on your own if you would like these services.

Do You Have Hair/Make Up Preferred Vendors?
Yes! Click here for the vendors that are not included but are so amazing