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3 Things NOT to Stress Over When Planning a Destination Wedding

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

There are plenty of things, as a couple, when planning a destination wedding that you need to think about. Just Google "Destination Wedding Planning" and you will find hundreds of checks lists waiting for you.

But there are certain things that you may think are very important, but in reality are not worth stressing over.

1. Your Guests Travel Arrangements - It is proper to assist your guests in some of the planning to get to your destination. For many international destination, you may want to think about partnering with one travel agent to help your guests. Or for state-side weddings, share the closest airport and hotel contact information. But then, that's it! Everyone of your guests needs/budgets will be different and if you field all your guests questions/concerns - I promise you will go crazy. With plenty of travel sites, it's easier than ever for guests to be a able to find and book their own travel needs. Aunt Kathy may need some help and call you, but don't feel overwhelmed to field all travel questions. Sent them to the pros you choose (ie Travel agent or Hotel) so you can focus your energy on what's important to you.

2. The Weather- This is a tough one, I know. Chances are that your destination wedding is all or partially outside and weather will be a factor. This is true and you should always discuss with your venue what is the Plan B. But its also important that you don't obsess over the weather. This is completely out of your control and obsessing over it will only harm your state of mind. Know that whatever the weather - it's the celebration of marring your best friend that is most important.

3. The Exact Timeline - You, your venue, and vendors will spend countless hours working on the perfect timeline. A timeline is important to your day to make sure you schedule in everything you want in your perfect day. However, like the weather, there are things at will happen that will be out of your control that may mess with your perfect timeline. Maybe your florist is late or your officiant got stuck in traffic (both true stories). In this case, try no to worry for too long and trust your pros to help you reorganize the timeline. It may just be rearranging items in your timeline, like taking first look pictures before the bridesmaid pictures if the flowers haven't arrived yet - or cutting the formal dances down to make sure theirs time to cut the cake before the photographer times is up.

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Hi! I am Kristy Harvey, Director of Dream Weddings at the Courtyard Marathon Florida Keys. I know planning a destination wedding can be stressful (believe me -I planned one of my own) - that's why 30-40 couples each year turn to us to create their perfect day with them in mind.

As the onsite wedding planner, I am with our couples from the contracting phase to walking them down the aisle. I love sharing my insight and experience with couples - helping them navigate this amazing, fun, and sometimes nerve-racking process to create the most memorable

day of their lives.

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